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Does your silver have to be reported?


Silver purchases do not have to be reported. This myth is so pervasive that CMI feels obligated to clarify this misunderstanding repeatedly.

See Myths, Misunderstandings, and Outright Lies to learn about the pitfalls of investing in precious metals.

Walking Liberty half-dollars

Walking Liberty half-dollars, minted 1916-1947, are the second most popular silver coins turned out by the U.S. Mint. Morgan Silver Dollars are undoubtedly number one.

Each Walking Lib, as did the Franklin and the Kennedy half-dollar, contained 0.36169 oz pure silver when minted. A bag ($1,000 face) of circulated half-dollars weights right at 55 pounds on a bathroom scale.

Because half-dollars suffered less wear than dimes and quarters, a bag ($1,000 face) of half-dollars will net 718-720 ounces of silver if smelted, whereas a bag of dimes or quarters will net about 715 ounces. This is one reason half-dollars carry higher premiums than dimes and quarters.

However, the main reason half-dollars carry higher premiums than dimes and quarters is that half-dollars are more popular. And, Walking Libs are much more popular than the more abundant Franklin half-dollars and Kennedy half-dollars. The Walking Liberty design is such a favorite that the U.S. Mint select it to grace the 1-oz Silver Eagles.

Despite approximately 477 million Walking Libs being minted, few remain, which adds to their popularity and causes them to sell at premiums over Franklins and Kennedys. Precious metals investors who buy Walking Libs are making a "coin" investment as much as a silver investment.

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