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Gold coins, gold bullion, silver coins, and silver bullion are the best investments for gold and silver investors. The best gold bullion coins and silver bullion coins are summarized on this page. For more information on gold and silver bullion and coins, visit other pages on this Web site.

Does your silver have to be reported?


Silver purchases do not have to be reported. This myth is so pervasive that CMI feels obligated to clarify this misunderstanding repeatedly.

See Myths, Misunderstandings, and Outright Lies to learn about the pitfalls of investing in precious metals.

Engelhard silver bullion

Engelhard late extruded 100-oz silver bullion bar

This is the 100-oz .999 (99.9% pure) silver bullion bar that Engelhard was producing when it stopped marketing silver bullion bars in 1988. Of all the Engelhard silver bullion bars, it is probably the most popular. It has a more reflective finish than its predecessor extruded bar, and the Engelhard name is stamped in a wider, a modern, more stylish lettering.

Originally, these bars were packaged in thin, rigid plastic coverings, and occasionally when these bars turn up in the secondary market they are still in their original coverings. However, because it has now been more than two decades since the Engelhard late extruded silver bullion bars were made, in most cases the plastic coverings have been discarded.

Both styles of Engelhard extruded silver bullion bars measure 5-7/8" X 3" X 1 and, weigh 6.86 pounds on a bathroom (avoirdupois) scale, as do all 100-oz silver bullion bars.

Engelhard and Johnson Matthey are highly respected names in the precious metals industry, causing many investors to ask for Engelhard or Johnson Matthey silver bars. However, when Engelhard and JM bars not available, investors can invest with confidence in Academy, Sunshine Minting and Wall Street Mint bars, all of which are currently being produced. Further, silver bars from Ohio Precious Metals, commonly called OPM bars, are becoming widely accepted in the silver bullion industry.

Buying silver bullion bars

If you would like to discuss buying silver bars, or would like to discuss any aspect of silver investing, call us at 800-528-1380. We take calls 7:00 am to 5:00 pm MST, Mondays through Fridays. Here is a page on how to buy silver at CMI Gold & Silver Inc., and here is a page with more detailed information about buying and selling gold and silver with CMIGS.