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Does your silver have to be reported?


Silver purchases do not have to be reported. This myth is so pervasive that CMI feels obligated to clarify this misunderstanding repeatedly.

See Myths, Misunderstandings, and Outright Lies to learn about the pitfalls of investing in precious metals.

Engelhard 10 oz silver bars

Over a period of a little more than ten years, Engelhard made several versions of 10-oz .999 fine (99.9% pure) silver bars. The earlier 10-oz silver bars were poured, the later versions were struck. The one shown on this page is one of Engelhard's earliest forms of its struck 10-oz silver bars.

This is the first style of Engelhard struck 10-oz .999 fine silver bars that Engelhard produced. This bar is shorter and thicker than the struck 10-oz silver bars that Engelhard was producing when it ceased making silver bars in the mid-1980s. Originally, all Engelhard 10-oz silver bars were sealed in vinyl, but rarely are they still in their protective coverings when they show up in the secondary market.

All struck silver bars, 10-oz silver bars and 100-oz silver bars, carry highly reflective finishes, which clearly exhibit silver's light reflectivity. (Silver is the most light reflective of all metals and is used in mirrors.) Further, Engelhard struck 10-oz silver bars have raised lettering, as opposed to the poured bars, which were marked via the traditional method of stamping the manufacturer's hallmark into the bars. This style Engelhard 10-oz silver bar measures 2-5/8" X 1" X 1/2".

Engelhard 10-oz silver bars are available only in the secondary market, which is not often. Investors wanting 10-oz silver bars will probably have to choose between Sunshine Minting, Wall Street Mint and A-Mark 10-oz silver bars, which are the premier 10-oz silver bars currently being produced.

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